Creating Captivating Clarity


How to begin turning towards God

If you've been a part of any BWFwoman immersive Christian learning experiences like #10DAYPRAYANDSLAY you've probably heard me say the following "every round goes higher and higher." Essentially, what I'm saying is that with every topic we master, there's another level to experience. 

One day, I was talking with one of my masterclass students, and she said, "I just feel like it sounds like it never ends – it's a lot of work." I quickly shared with her that it IS a lot of work if you had to do it yourself, but you don't. The Word shares that when you turn towards God, He makes you more and more like Him. Not you – HIM. He does the transformation work in you and on your behalf. 

There's a rich word here for you in this today. God is the one who will make you more and more like Him; all you must do is turn towards Him and remain turned towards Him. This is such a divine realization that produces immediate clarity in your life if you comprehend it. You may have been doing this life on your own for a long time! You no longer have to be the one. You no longer have to do it all. You are no longer by yourself. None of the lies the enemy told you about being alone have a place in your life. In fact, I proclaim freedom from those past thoughts over you in Jesus' name! The entire process of transforming your mind is not on you; it is simply initiated by you. You must take the first step, and that first step is turning towards God.

2 Corinthians 3:18 describes what happens when you turn towards God:

You are being changed by Him. The transformation needed to shift into clarity is caused by God.

You are being unified by Him. Christ unifies you with Himself by transforming you into His image. 

You are being developed by Him. God makes you more and more like Him with every moment. 

How do you turn towards God?

Actively replace your thoughts with His and receive clarity: Everything you've been looking for to bring you into clarity and out of worry or confusion is found in God's thoughts. In His thoughts, there is no confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33

Keep closed doors closed: If a door has closed in your life, know that God has simply anointed you for greater. You can be open to the new thing He's doing in your life because anything God is bringing you into is better than what you left behind. Isaiah 43:19 #thisorbetter

Expect the power of God in your life: There's nothing you "have to do" to bring yourself into God's blessing except turn towards Him and remain turned towards Him. When you do, you're in the blessed place. Matthew 21:22

 Today's Affirmation

You are being blessed with God's strength. The clarity of God is bringing you peace. The fruitfulness of God is causing you to produce with ease. The provision of God is meeting every need and desire. There is no room for worry in this process. There is only room for clarity, freedom, and peace.

Clarity is accelerating and filling your space, and you’re discovering that although it causes a change in your life, the transformation process into freedom and clarity results in peace. Peace feels so much better than worry.

BWFwoman's manifestHER Daily Question of the Day:

What do you now know that God will handle in your life that you previously thought was all your responsibility?