Creating Captivating Clarity


The secret key to clarity

Contentment is a feeling of rich satisfaction combined with deep abiding joy, and it's a feeling that most of us dream of experiencing regularly. But what we don't know is that contentment is the secret key to clarity, and it's available to us at all times. We access contentment when we place priority on God instead of on things or people. 

Contentment doesn't necessarily mean being satisfied where you are to the point where you are not motivated to move forward; rather, it is knowing God's plan for your life and believing that God's peace is greater than the world's problems. Contentment strengthens your spiritual vision and clarity.

You can be content even if things in your life don't look justifiably worthy of your contentment right now. In fact, practicing contentment is based on the truth that God's grace is sufficient for you.

Contentment says, "I'm going to continue looking in the direction of God and His truths in my life, and I'm going to enjoy myself, right here – right now."

What is the secret key in mastering contentment? There are three things you must remember:

1. Settle down in God because Christ is our TRUE HOME. Contentment is hidden in the knowledge that Christ is our true home. This is the knowledge that you gain when you spend time in exchanging your thoughts with God’s in prayer and meditation on His Word, detoxing from habits and patterns outside of His will, and sweetening your life with habits and patterns that are within His will. When you settle down in God, you allow the knowledge of God's promises to cover things that look outside of our control or understanding. You're trusting God because you're saying with your mind and heart that you believe God's Word over all.

2. Know that you are always right where you are supposed to be. Knowing that you are always right where you are supposed to be, causes you to surrender what you think it should be and allow God's sovereignty to reign. Sovereignty provides security that all things are under God's rule and control and that nothing happens without His direction or permission. Stay present to the moment that you're in and appreciate ways to enjoy this season.

3. Realize your power. You obtain POWER over the world and over your circumstances when you live in contentment. If the secret of contentment is trusting God, where's the power? Paul shared that because he learned how to be content, he then was empowered to do ALL things through Christ. That means whatever instructions God gives you, you have the power to implement!

Move into a disposition of contentment by saying a silent prayer of contentment that has become a common prayer in my manifestHER Daily Facebook group. Instead of looking at your situation and focusing with clarity on what is wrong, focus with clarity on what is RIGHT. Then, seal that prayer by saying "this or better, Lord" and allow this prayer to raise your level of expectation. Expect this, or better and continue to look up to God – this is where your help comes from.

This is the secret key to contentment.

Today's Affirmation

Today, your gratitude and contentment in Christ is opening new pathways for you to believe. Your belief is growing stronger each moment of the day, and you're walking by faith. Your hope is being strengthened in God, and you realize that you can do all things through Christ, who is shaping you into His image. Contentment and the joy found only in contentment are yours today.

BWFwoman's manifestHER Daily Question of the Day:

What can you pray the prayer of contentment "this or better, Lord" over today?