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Creating Captivating Clarity

DAY 1 OF 10

Where clarity comes from

There's a lot competing for your focus. Day to day, it's easy to start to worry or get anxious when we try to figure it all out on our own. Worry and anxiety don't always begin over something "bad" – sometimes, the trigger is something good that you become afraid won't work out. The more we focus on the situation, the more it can cause us to lose sight of where our focus should be for maintaining our peace and joy…on God. 

Worrying over a good thing happened to me recently. My husband was recruited for a new job opportunity, and immediately, being the Type A personality I am, I began projecting 6 and 12 months out. I started wondering what was going to happen with our kids, how would this affect our oldest and youngest? When exactly would all the changes need to be made? Did we need to buy or sell a house? It all started consuming my mind. Over just a few days, I found myself nervous, wondering if everything would work out. When I took my concern before God in my intimate prayer and meditation time, God showed me that the reason I was worrying was because my focus was on the opportunity and everything surrounding it – not on Him. God wanted me to understand that no matter what, He is in control.

Whenever you begin focusing more on the situation than on God, you invite worry, anxiety, depression, and fear into your life. Why? Because in God, we find perfect peace, peace that cannot be found in any other thing.

Placing all your expectations on man is a strategy that will always fail in some area. Man is not perfect, but God is. If you are currently fighting against worry, anxiety, depression, confusion or fear, this message is for you. What expectations have you placed in man that you need to shift to God? When your primary focus is outside of God, God will always provide you opportunities to refocus on Him. This is one of those opportunities. Decide today that you’ll finish this plan and obtain the clarity you came here for! 

When you walk in worry, you've already decided what God can and can't do. The key to overcoming worry is found in realizing three truths:

Nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37 says that with God, absolutely nothing is impossible. Anything that needs to happen, can, because God is all-powerful.

God is sovereign. Psalm 115:3 shares that God can do whatever pleases Him. We are subject to God's perfect plan. Matthew 5:48 confirms that God is perfect in all His ways.

God's grace is sufficient for you. 2 Corinthians 12:9 says that God's grace is all we need. Whether we consider the outcome "good" or "bad," God has given us His grace to rest in, and it is all we need.

Today's Affirmation

Today, the shift of your expectations from man to God is beginning. You can feel the shift; it feels like you're being lifted into a clearer space. You're recognizing the sovereignty of God in your life and the immense grace that He's provided for you. It is sufficient and satisfying for you. Everything you need, your God has already provided for you and His perfect peace is growing stronger and stronger in your thoughts and in your life.

BWFwoman's manifestHER Daily Question of the Day:

What expectation are you placing on man that you should shift to God?

About this Plan

Creating Captivating Clarity

Do you find yourself fighting worry or anxiety and wishing you could see your next steps more clearly? Worry and a lack of clarity happen when we remove focus from God and start focusing more on other things – or other p...


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