What to Do When You're Not Healed

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If you are suffering, or battling sickness, that is not an excuse to stop serving (in whatever capacity).

Many times, people feel that because they have not received healing, that disqualifies them to pray for other people who need healing. Don’t stop ministering healing to others.

The first healing that happened in the Bible happened to Abraham. People often believe that if they had "more faith" they would have been healed. The Bible shows us that Abraham was the father of faith and yet his wife was barren. The Bible shows us in Genesis 20 that he ministered out of his pain.

Faith does not mean you'll never have sickness; faith is believing that you will overcome whether in this life through healing, or in the resurrection through the resurrection of Jesus. Keep praying for those in need. At times, what you do for others, God will do for you. 

Remember that you don't pray for healing because you're healed. You pray for healing because Jesus died on the cross. 

Jesus is the source of our faith and the source of our ministry, not our experience.

Pray This:

God, thank You for the healing that flows from Your sacrifice on the cross. Help me to pray boldly for the sick that they may recover. Use my life to glorify Your name, despite my situation.