What to Do When You're Not Healed

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Oftentimes after praying continuously and seeing no visible change, people ask, "should I continue to pray or stop?" Keep praying, but pray out of God's promise, not out of your problem. 

In the past, I spent the time praying, "Lord heal my body." Over the course of time, however, instead of stopping when I didn't see a change, I changed my prayer. Now, I praise God that His promises are "yes" and "amen." I praise God that by His stripes, I was healed. 

In the book of Judges, God promises the people of Israel the Promised Land. Years later, they occupy the land only to see that God had left some enemies there to "test Israel by them." God wanted to test them and teach them to fight. 

Would they still obey Him in the presence of enemies? Would they allow these nations to change their worship?

I believe, when a certain situation prolongs, or sickness has not been healed, it is not a sign that the sickness was from God. We can't allow prolonged situations in our lives to change God's promises for us.

 As Christians, we don't let life explain God; we allow God to redefine life for us. 

God wants to teach you to fight because sickness is not His will for you. Pray God's promises.

Pray This:

Lord, I choose to praise You. Thank You for the promises I can trust in and hold on to through these times. Help me to live by Your word, regardless of what may happen around me.