What to Do When You're Not Healed

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People all over the world, regardless of age experience the pain of suffering at some point in their lives. 

One thing we must understand is that sin birthed suffering in this world. As a result, people experience demonic attacks, afflictions, or pains in their bodies, and are faced with persecution for their belief in Christ. Suffering is experienced by the sinner, the saint, and at one point, the Savior. God used that suffering to bring salvation to humanity. 

His sacrifice on the cross is what allowed you and me the opportunity to be called the children of God. His suffering is the only one that should have the power to define us. It is God's intention that any earthly pain we may experience in this life should only refine us, not define us. 

God desires that our faith would be strengthened, and for it to be purified through the trials we face in this life. The reality is that true faith is purified in the fire, not destroyed when the fire comes. 

Pray This: 

Lord, I thank you for the cross. Thank you for the suffering you endured for me in order to bring salvation to this world. Help my faith to be strengthened and purified through the trials I face in this life.