What to Do When You're Not Healed

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When healing does not come, many are faced with negative thoughts bombarding their mind. 

Don't let Satan rule through your situation. Satan's overall goal is for you to be changed because of your suffering. He'll try to do this by getting you to slowly change your confessions. Satan wants to elevate your situation to the position of Lordship so that he can rule you through that situation. We see this example in the story of Job. Satan introduced sickness and suffering into Job's life to see if he would curse God. 

I know that during these times, the question we all want to have answered is, "why am I not being healed." The truth is, I don't know why. 

I have been faced with this question myself when my wife and I got the news that we are medically unable to have children. I hold on to the promise God gave me, although years have passed, and I still see nothing. What I do understand now, is that receiving an answer is not always sufficient. It's during times of uncertainty or pain, when we don't understand, that we must submit ourselves to God in obedience. An explanation can wait; obedience can’t!

Don't allow your sickness to change God's promise of divine healing for your life. 

Don't allow your situation to change your faith in who He is. 

It's easy to see the time pass by and allow the unchanging situation to dictate our confession. But as Christians, we can't do that because we have a Lord. Our Lord is not our barrenness, our pain, or our suffering. Our Lord is Jesus Christ, and He alone must rule our lives. That situation is not over us; it's under us—even if we are lacking an explanation. 

Jesus is our strength. 

Pray This:

Lord, I may not understand why I am going through this, but I choose to surrender to your Lordship in obedience. I choose to hold on to Your promises about me. Help me to declare Your Word and Your goodness despite any trouble in my life.