Grace Bomb

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A Spiritual Routine Workout

Grace Bombing requires that we stretch ourselves in a number of ways, and when practiced regularly in everyday life, we stand to get a pretty decent spiritual workout.

Awareness: Being intentional to carry out Jesus’ command to love our neighbors will require us to become more aware of the people around us and the needs they may have. It is easier than ever today to stay connected with technology while simultaneously staying distracted from the people we walk by every day. This stretch gets us looking around and taking note of the people all around us.

Prayer: As we become more aware of our neighbors, our compassion for them can grow. And where there is greater compassion, there is a more acute need for prayer. Hitting our knees, literally or figuratively, flows naturally from the stretch of greater awareness of our neighbors. As Grace Bombers, we may naturally find ourselves talking to God more—asking for courage, opportunity, and effectiveness through our intentional acts of love. An increasing prayer life usually coincides with taking steps of faith. 

Discernment: Knowing when God is stirring us to drop a Grace Bomb is related to another group of core muscles: discerning the prompting of the Holy Spirit. A primary role of the Holy Spirit in the past was to bring to the apostles’ minds the words of Jesus and inspire them to write those words down in the Bible. Today, the Holy Spirit aids us in bringing those words to mind and into reality at the right times. Believers are endowed with the person and power of the Holy Spirit. He is a real, living being that helps us put Jesus’ command of loving our neighbors into action.

Generosity: Grace Bombing involves giving of our time, treasure, or talent in a surprising manner. To grow as Grace Bombers, in quality or quantity, we also need to grow in extravagant generosity. Because it’s such a fun and life-giving lifestyle, we will want to grow in this area. Jesus is not calling us to go into debt by Grace Bombing, but rather to plan on growing as joyful givers, mindful that God owns everything anyway, and we get to redirect His resources to the recipients of Grace Bombs for His glory. 

Verbalizing Faith: When these exchanges occur in your everyday walks of life, you are naturally associating yourself with Jesus and inviting future conversations, without creating a forced or pressured expectation. This is especially true when your Grace Bombing grows from anonymous to more relational interactions. Talking about the real difference that Jesus makes with neighbors is not a common practice for the majority of church people, not for a lack of desire, but perhaps from a lack of practice and spiritual conditioning. The more we create loving and fun opportunities with the love of Jesus, the more we have to be ready to give Him the credit and see where those conversations lead.