Grace Bomb

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The Missing Link

A Grace Bomb intentionally implicates Jesus, and by doing so, it points others to the source of kindness itself, to the God who is love. And while kindness might be popular and trending in culture today, there is something missing when love is detached from its source. 

This is shortsighted, because while kindness provides a temporary sip of water, only the source of kindness can offer the wellspring that satisfies a parched soul. 

Grace Bombing bridges the gap and fills in the missing link by unashamedly citing Jesus as the key motivator of the goodness that is given. While kindness movements can be culturally driven by marketing and positivity, this is a movement driven by obedience to Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. One relies on humanity, the other relies on God. One promotes the goodness of people, the other promotes the goodness of God. The endgames differ, and the endgame matters.

One Grace Bomber candidly shared her thoughts about the difference between generic kindness and Grace Bombing and what adding the missing link did for her:

I was out running errands and unprepared to drop a Grace Bomb. My children and I were just running in quickly to get a few things, when we saw someone in need of assistance. We would have helped regardless of the Grace Bomb concept, but what was awesome was that, because of Grace Bomb, we now had a way to introduce the love of Jesus in a natural way. Once the bomb was dropped, the recipient told us over and over again, “Why would you ever do this for me? I can’t believe this! I don’t deserve this! Why are you being so nice? Why are you doing this?” I can guarantee you, without the Grace Bomb, I would have just left without telling her truly why we were offering such a free undeserved gift, and she would have just thought we were kind. But we were able to say, “Have you heard of Grace Bomb? Look it up!” She looked puzzled, and we saw her instantly get on her phone—likely to search it—as we drove away. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to grow in my faith and have this tool to teach me in such a simple way how to love in action and in truth. I’m praying for this woman and praying that with each Grace Bomb dropped I’ll only grow bolder and bolder to share the love of Jesus with the people He made and loves. —Anonymous

As this Grace Bomber points out, adding the missing link to our kindness is also a primer for spiritual growth. The little tool that helps leverage the element of surprise while pointing a neighbor to Jesus also provides a workout that you might not have seen coming.