Grace Bomb

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Three Simple Steps

The steps of Grace Bombing are simple.

1. Load 

Put a few Grace Bomb cards in your pocket or purse and consider yourself a loaded weapon ready to drop a taste of grace. You can get these cards along with some ideas at 

Loading up on cards is a critical step, because you are deciding in advance that you will be on the lookout for your neighbor. You are preparing to be a blessing, ready when called upon. 

Practically, Grace Bomb cards work in at least four ways. They serve as

- a reminder that you have been grace bombed abundantly in Christ, 

- a prompt to look for neighbors with divine appointments on their calendars, 

- an icebreaker to help you to get out of your comfort zone, and 

- a way for your neighbor to investigate your motivation and be pointed to Jesus.

Keep in mind that Grace Bomb cards are not gospel tracts, but they are a way for you to become a gospel tract. Cards that break the ice with neighbors, while strengthening your faith muscles, also work the same core that you’ll need to flex in sharing truth when that time comes. They are not flyers for your church, but help you, the church, fly. 

2. Listen

As you go about your normal day, and are mindful of your neighbors, be aware of the nudge, that prompting or stirring that God may lay on your heart. When I say Listen, I’m speaking to the prayerful awareness of God the Holy Spirit putting a burden to act on your mind and soul, not necessarily an audible voice that talks to you. 

Because loving people and carrying out good works are so near to God’s heart, isn’t it just a matter of time before He spotlights certain people in certain situations for us to bless? Maybe you’ll see a barista having an especially bad day, maybe your server will completely blow your order, maybe your neighbor’s washer and dryer will go up, or you’ll have a super-friendly cashier at McDonald’s who was over-the-top nice—and in some soul-stirring way, you may sense that this is your person. 

Seek to be open, expectant, and sensitive to the stirring. 

3. Let ’er Go! 

This is where the rubber meets the road, folks. When you see the opportunity, feel the burden, usually you have a small window of time to act. Lead with your gift, then lean on the card to aid your explanation. God is in the business of orchestrating divine appointments, so let’s hit those windows. 

That’s it.

Can you imagine an army of Grace Bombers blasting our world beyond kindness? Can you envision the day when church people are the force driving the cultural conversation of doing good? I can, because this is our birthright. Love is our war to wage on the unsuspecting world that needs to be rebuilt by grace.