Being Challenge: An 11-Day Plan to Be Like Jesus


Day 1: Introduction

The most important target for a follower of Jesus to hit is continually growing in our relationship with God. But what can we do to grow in our relationship with God? What targets should we be trying to hit in our relationship with God?

There was only one person who has been in a perfect relationship with God, and His name is Jesus Christ. Many of us want to be like Jesus through what we do. We won't be like Him if we can't first BE in a relationship with Him the way He was in a relationship with God the Father.

So what did Jesus do to BE with God?

We don't have to guess. Jesus's ministry is told in four different Gospel accounts known as Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. By reading through those four accounts of His life and ministry, we noted every time Jesus practiced or taught on a particular discipline or habit. We found five patterns that we believe were taught and practiced more than any others. By practicing these five habits, we think that you will ultimately grow in your relationship with God and become more like Jesus.

Jesus made many good decisions, but even more importantly, He patterned His life with certain habits that helped Him connect with God. Multiple studies have shown that 40% of what we do daily isn't decisions we make but habits. Not all routines are created equal. Keystone habits are just as easy to form but unintentionally spill over into other areas of our lives.

Exercising regularly and flossing your teeth have been proven psychologically to enhance other areas of our lives, and spiritual habits have the opportunity to be keystone habits in our lives indeed.

If we are trying to be like Jesus through what we do, it starts by practicing the keystone habits of JESUS.

Throughout this 11-day study, you will study how Jesus practiced a particular keystone habit. You will read a short devotion that addresses the importance of practicing this keystone habit in your life. Each of the following ten days comes with accompanying Scriptures and a brief challenge for you to complete because, after all, we are both hearers and doers of God's Word.

Are you ready?