Being Challenge: An 11-Day Plan to Be Like Jesus


Day 7: Keystone Habit 3: We Prioritize Prayer

A woman in Belgium activated her GPS app to get to a train station 90 miles away to pick up a friend. Instead of going north, her GPS took her southeast, and she ended up 900 miles from where she wanted to go! Sometimes, even when we follow the best of the world's directions, it takes us to the wrong destination.

The world's directions will always have a worldly destination: a romantic relationship, money, family, career success, property, or a particular lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with pursuing these things, but there is a problem when they become our ultimate pursuit in life. Not one of them can bring us true fulfillment because temporary things cannot be final destinations.

The only destination that will provide enteral hope and comfort is Jesus. The difference between GPS and our God is He doesn't say: "Here I am, and here is the map. Now come and find me." Instead, Jesus came to us in our lost state. He found us when we followed the world's directions (maybe even perfectly) only to be disappointed at the destination. He came to Earth, lived, died, and rose again so that we don't need to feel lost and confused.

Not only did He come to live the perfect life and offer you grace through faith, but He also gives us the gift of talking with Him through prayer.

James 1:5 says, "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you."

The world has always been sinful, messy, and broken. With the rise of technology, the options and choices today in nearly every aspect of our lives have grown substantially.

Prayer gives direction in a confusing world. It provides a voice we can recognize and access to God who can see the entire landscape and never steer you in the wrong direction.

If it were important for Jesus to pray, how much more must we need daily directions in our lives through prayer. He's always with you and always ready to hear you, even if you are 900 miles away.

Do you need God's direction today? Pray to Him.

In our readings for today, Jesus will give us the words of the Lord's Prayer. If you don't know how to pray or what to pray, start by using these words. Followers of Jesus often memorize these words, but they can also serve as a model for prayer.

Challenge for the Day:

  1. Write out three prayer requests for which you need God's direction.

  2. Ensure that you are praying for God's will, and then passionately and boldly, begin praying.

  3. Commit to praying for these three things until you see that the prayer has been answered.

  4. Invite a friend to join you as well. If God has responded to one of your prayers, share it on social media using #BeingChallenge.