Being Challenge: An 11-Day Plan to Be Like Jesus


Day 9: Keystone Habit 4: We Seek Solitude

Have you ever gathered around a fire on a cold night? A fire in a fireplace is a comforting and relaxing scene. It invites people to gather and rest. A room with a fireplace was historically the center of family life because of its usefulness. Activities such as cooking, boiling water for laundry, and heating a home all happened around the fireplace. Lighting the fire and warming the room were always done first to allow the rest of the activities to be performed comfortably. It creates heat and light in the room so that all other activities can take place.

The practice of solitude is like lighting a fireplace in a cold room. Solitude and meditation are intentional alone times to spend focused time with God. Activities such as reading the Bible, praying, and spending time with other believers can be better enjoyed when balanced with solitude.

It's essential to remember that the secular definition of solitude where you empty yourself is not what we mean by solitude. The Bible is calling you towards temporarily separating from people to be alone with God.

The only time anyone was ever truly alone in this world was when Jesus went to the cross and uttered the words, "Father, why have you forsaken me?" He went through loneliness so that you and I would never have to.

Because of His sacrifice, God is always with you and walks through those trials next to you.

You can see in the Bible that God postured Himself on the very first full day of humanity to spend time with you. Remember, God created man on the 6th day and rested on the 7th day.

But God's 7th day was Adam's 1st. And when Adam awoke from his first overnight sleep, He found a God who was ready to be in relationship with Him. It was through this time with God that Adam would receive his energy and creativity. As busy humans, we come to God when we are exhausted. How much more creativity, energy, and productivity would happen if we spent time with God first and not last?

If prayer gives you direction, solitude gives you focus. It's one thing to know the direction to go, but it's another thing to go in the right direction. In this world, you have a lot of things coming at you or against you. Distractions and busyness are often culprits of a habit of solitude and meditation. We have an incredible opportunity to access our Heavenly Father. Still, we can be so distracted that we miss the chance to be filled, and distracted and hurried days become lost opportunities.

Spending time with God ensures you stay focused and keep moving in the direction that He is calling you.

In our reading for today, see how God positioned Himself to be in a relationship with you and how He calls you to fix your eyes on Jesus to stay focused on what is most important.

Challenge for the Day: 

Let's try spending alone time again with God today with a new twist. Whether you have a regular practice of solitude and meditation or have never tried it before, try it today. Picture yourself at a fireplace in a cold room, light a candle in a dark room, put the fireplace show on Netflix, or best of all, cozy up to a real fire. Come without an electronic device—just you and God. Use #BeingChallenge to reflect on what things came to mind.