Being Challenge: An 11-Day Plan to Be Like Jesus


Day 2: Keystone Habit 1: Jesus Commits to Community

A friend once told me, "You know who's going to give you everything? Yourself." We are inundated with messages of individualism more than ever today. Social media posts promise fulfillment if you can learn to "love yourself."

If there were anyone who would be able to claim this statement, it would be Jesus. Jesus came to Earth as a perfect person. You could argue that He could have covered more ground, preached more sermons, and healed more people without anyone around Him. But instead, Jesus committed to community from the very beginning of His ministry.

The gospel writers Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John each describe Jesus choosing His disciples. It happens in chapters 4, 1, 6, and 1, respectively. It's one of the very first things that Jesus does as He begins His ministry.

Not only was Jesus known for His group of 12 disciples, but He also had a larger group of 72 that He spent time with and even a larger group of 500 that had access to Him. In addition to the larger groups, He had a smaller set of 3: Peter, James, and John. They were included in situations with even more access to Jesus. At the center of Jesus's community was God Himself.

Your community matters, and whether you know it or not, you are influenced by them. As we look at the community around Jesus, you would think Jesus would have the most innovative, most humble group of people around Him, but that's not the picture we get. Jesus chose imperfect disciples and then committed to them. He knew He was made for community, and so are you.

Community is messy. It's imperfect. It's awkward. But if our communities influence us, then we have to ask ourselves:

Does my community help me follow Jesus?

You were created for relationships—not just with God, but with others. And there is no more critical community that you will find than your Christian community committed to following Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

As you read the Scriptures for today, note the truth that we were made to be in a relationship with others and see real examples from Jesus's life of time spent with His community.

Challenge for the Day: As you try to pattern your life after Jesus, try to identify your current communities. 

The numbers don't need to be the same, but take some time today and identify who is the community you are currently committed to:

  1. Is God at the center of your life?

  2. Who are the three people that have the most influence in your life?

  3. Who is your 12?

  4. Who is your 72?

  5. Who is your 500?