One Good Word a Day: Invitations to Encourage, Deepen, and Refine Your Faith

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading



I don’t have time for this right now, I thought, as I looked at the list of things I needed to get done for the day. A friend had texted me, asking if I had time to chat, and my initial reaction was, No, I don’t. I waited for a few minutes before I responded. I felt a nudge that I needed to talk to her, so I set my list aside and called her instead.   

She spent the next hour pouring out concerns that were weighing heavy on her heart. I sat at my kitchen counter, listening and offering support. In return, she asked me about some things in my own life that had felt heavy lately, and I was able to share with her some struggles I was having in a close relationship. As we ended the call, she thanked me for taking the time to listen, and in response I thanked her as well. 

I once again picked up my list, and instead of worry or dread over what needed to be done, I felt peace. I knew I had made the right choice in making time for my friend and realized afterward that I was the one in need of the break from my daily to-do list. I was the one who was comforted. I whispered a prayer of thanks to the Lord for my friend as I continued on with the plans I had started before I was interrupted. 

How often do we make our plans, unwilling to allow for or complaining about interruptions that come our way? What if instead we chose to see these interruptions as possible ways that the Lord is determining our steps? What if his plan for our day is way better than what we have in mind or have planned for ourselves? God knows we have responsibilities, but he also knows what we need. We can trust that he always has our best in mind, even when he interrupts our plans. 

Lord, help me to follow your steps today and not get hung up on my own plans. Amen. 

One Good Step: When your plans are interrupted today, look for how God may be determining your steps.