Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress

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Learn to take a day off. 

I know that some religions practice a day of rest known as the Sabbath. Statistics actually show that they live longer than people who don’t take Saturdays off. I am not saying you must take Saturdays off, but that you pick a day of rest. You’ll live longer if you become obedient to God’s Word. This principle became a strong conviction of mine because I am a tither. I choose to tithe out of my obedience to God, and the principle of tithing is this – 90% is better with God than 100% without His blessing. I believe the same thing applies to your week. When someone chooses to work 7 days a week, sure, they can get more things done but they risk relying on their own strength. If instead, you take one day off and take time to be with God and to be with your family, you're asking God to supernaturally supplement for that day. You’re asking Him to supply for you supernaturally. 

In the New Testament, when the 4th commandment, which is to take the day off, was not obeyed, it was punishable by death. The same thing can be said today. Although God won't strike you down for not taking a day off, you will see the results in your body over time. Have you ever noticed in the Bible that after the 4th commandment, the moral commandments are introduced? I believe the reason is that people who are not rested are more vulnerable to moral failure. Notice the people who have fallen morally, you can trace it back to one thing – burnout. 

When you don’t stop and take time to reconnect with God, reconnect with family, and do good, you’ll be vulnerable to fall into other things. God wants you to live by grace. When you start doing less, God will start doing more. This is the way supernatural grace works. 

Today's Challenge: 

Pick one day where you choose to intentionally rest from work and reconnect with God, friends, and family. 

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