Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress

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God wants you to be fruitful and live a blessed life. How? By following simple principles of rest. 

First, begin your day with a good night's sleep.

You must understand that caffeine cannot replace your sleep. Our sleep is a benefit to us spiritually. The Bible shows us in 1 Kings 19 that sleep helped Elijah to overcome depression. Jesus also slept in the storm (Matthew 8). If you don’t rest from fatigue, you will be arrested by your fatigue. The secret to your longevity in habit building is getting a good night's rest. You must understand that God created a day of rest. He also created rest in each day. If you read the Scriptures carefully in Genesis, you’ll see that the evening and the morning were the first day. 

Do you know when your day begins? It’s not in the morning, it begins with sleep. Your day doesn’t start with caffeine it starts with a good night's rest. If you did not rest well, the consequences of that will follow you throughout the day. Prolonged sleep deprivation abuses your body – God’s creation. If you want to run on God’s grace you have to run on rest. 

One of the things that help me be consistent in waking up early for prayer is to go to bed early. Otherwise, the habits will not last because our bodies will be deprived of sleep. If you want to live a fruitful life and not just a busy life, never sacrifice your sleep

Today's Challenge:

Set a sleeping schedule for yourself and begin tonight.