Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress

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Live unhurried.  

Hurry kills happiness. Jesus never ran in His ministry. He had a lot of people to save, a lot of people to heal, and a lot of demonized people to deliver. Even with all of this, we never see Jesus running. He never runs to His next appointment. In fact, we never even see Him even riding a racehorse – He rode a donkey. He had this rhythm about Him; He walked everywhere.

We can infer from the Scriptures that on some occasions He actually walked so slow that kids, crowds, and even hurting people could keep up with Him and touch Him. The problem with many of us is that we are not Spirit-led, we are "Spirit-driven." However the truth is that the Holy Spirit does not drive us, He leads us. Do not live a life being driven, be led. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. Develop a rhythm about yourself. 

The Scripture shows us that Jesus is busy after preaching, but not so busy that He can’t stop and talk to a leper. If you really notice, all of the miracles of Jesus really happened because of an interruption. Jesus was never in a hurry anywhere. Sure, He had a huge burden to accomplish the will of God on His life but He didn’t let that overwhelm Him and cause Him to forget about being present with people throughout the day. He didn’t live a hurried life.

Is your pace causing you to lose your family? Are you walking so fast that you've lost your devotions? Have you been walking so fast that you've lost your happiness and now you’re numbing yourself with entertainment, anti-depressants, or alcohol? Slow down and listen to the Lord. Live in a way that helps people walk with you. Leave tomorrow's problems for tomorrow; live in such a way where you are present enough to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Hustle is not from God. Live happily. Develop a rhythm of rest.

Today's Challenge: 

Cut out one thing in your day in order to help or serve someone else.