Finding Rest in the Midst of Stress

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Start your day with God, not with work. 

When we begin our days with work instead of with God, we run into the danger of acting like we are God in our lives. A lot of times we make unwise decisions as a result. When you take time to be with Him first, you’ll begin to see that God will help you “run and not get tired, walk and not grow weary..” 

Someone came up to me one time and told me, “Things in my marriage are not going so well..” and I asked him a simple question, “do you spend time with the Holy Spirit?” to which he replied, “I listen to sermons throughout the day.” 

The truth that I’ve come to know is that many people are afraid to spend quality time with the Lord in the morning because they’re fearful of “wasting time.” Let me tell you something, spending time with the Holy Spirit actually saves you time. Even if it’s 15 uninterrupted minutes with the Holy Spirit, it’ll be of benefit for you throughout your day. Don’t wake up and scroll Instagram first thing in the morning, scroll through the Scriptures instead. Spend time with Him first thing and you’ll reap the benefits of it in your daily life. 

Live a life where you give the best to the Lord and you’ll see how He will begin to bless the rest. You will see how you will go from being busy to being blessed, from being active to being fruitful. 

Today's Challenge: 

Start your morning by spending time with God before anyone or anything else.