The Divine Adventure by Rebecca Friedlander

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Day Seven

The Giver of All Good Gifts

Scripture: Matthew 7:11; Matthew 10:42; Luke 6:38

Giving generously is one of the core values of the Christian faith and is something that everyone can do, no matter how much or how little we have. To our Father, every gift is valued and noted when given from a heart of love. 

After all, God is the Giver who outgives everyone. He has already given us so many things! In the beginning of creation, he gave us life and breath. Then he gave us the Scriptures to show us the way to live, and he offers provision, protection, and many other promises when we ask. Most of all, he gave the most precious gift in his Son, Jesus, to shed his own blood and purchase us back to God. Yet he didn’t stop there! He then gave us the Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Guide and promises never to leave or forsake us. 

As followers of Christ, one reason we practice giving is because we serve a generous God and we desire to reflect that goodness we’ve received. Like him, we don’t give out of obligation but because we have the opportunity to reflect the image of the One we follow. 

Another reason for giving is that God gives back to those who give. In fact, he gives more in return and promises that gifts to his kingdom will come back around! The whole spirit of generosity can be defeated if we’re “giving to get.” But false motives don’t change God’s heart: he still loves to give, and he rewards those who give willingly from a pure heart. 

Our Father loves when we give, and each gift is important to him. Just as a good parent adores gifts from each of their children, God loves when his kids give to him from their hearts! Sometimes we may feel like we have very little to offer, but Jesus told us that no gift is too small for him to notice. In fact, even a cup of cold water given in his name is noted in heaven (see Matthew 10:42). What a wonderful God we have to invite us on a divine adventure simply to become more like him.

Lord, I want to continue this divine adventure with you! Thank you for giving so generously so I can give in return. Thank you for calling us to imitate you, the giver of all good gifts. Amen.