The Divine Adventure by Rebecca Friedlander

Day 3 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day Three

Time Alone with God

Scripture: Matthew 14:13; Luke 6:12-13; James 4:8

One of the greatest keys to drawing close to God is cultivating quality time with him. Creating this quiet space requires thought and planning, and it usually doesn’t come naturally. With busy lives and families, there is always a “good cause” calling for our attention. But the rewards are much more far-reaching than we can imagine. 

Christ led by example in this area. Jesus had a busy life! He wasn’t isolated—rather, he was deeply invested in the lives of people and helping them. Yet we often see him stepping away from the crowds and even his own friends to get alone with the Father, and he helped his disciples do the same thing. During pivotal points in his ministry, we’re told Jesus went into “desert places” to pray, far away from distractions and the bustle of his hectic schedule. 

These conversations with his Father were not some kind of penance or afterthought, but passionate discussions that were deliberately woven into the very thread of his life and during his most important decisions. During times of grief, intense ministry, and despair, he always made time to pray. 

Practicing the quiet place of prayer is powerful, because it’s our special time with Jesus. Yet, it doesn’t have to end when “normal life” resumes. The spiritual practice of prayer can extend beyond our moments of solitude and become a part of the rhythm of our day. 

By praying to God throughout our day, we’re bringing our quiet place with him into our day-to-day life. Our prayer life expands. So does the peace, because we’re inviting the One who loves us deeply into our world. Life becomes an adventure we share with Christ, knowing he desires to be lovingly invested in our story. In your story! Your prayers are conversations with the One who loves you more than anyone else does, and he loves to “do life” with the ones he loves. 

God, thank you for wanting me to be close to you. Whether I am feeling peaceful or fearful or overwhelmed, help me to turn to you in prayer—in conversation! I want to “do life” with you in every way. Amen.