The Divine Adventure by Rebecca Friedlander


Day Two

Say Yes!

Scripture: Isaiah 40:31-32; Matthew 11:28; Philippians 4:6-7; 

One important step to adventuring with God is recognizing that he has already extended an invitation for the very thing we crave! He’s not a distant God somewhere past the stars; he’s present and real, and he deeply loves the humans he has made. Instead of wishing for, cajoling, or earning God’s attention, we simply say yes to the great love he offers. 

You don’t have to struggle for God’s attention, because he is longing for a deeper walk with you. He doesn’t have to consider it, and you’re not too messy for him. He’s already initiating, longing, waiting with anticipation for your heart to turn toward him, and he’s not interested in just a “one-night stand” or fickle romance. He’s ready for a long-term commitment, and he’s willing to prove it. 

Saying yes to biblically grounded guidance will release your soul to live free in the grace God has abundantly offered. It is far more practical than attempting to draw close to him in self-deprecating or demeaning ways. These principles stand as mile markers on the well-traveled road toward a thriving spiritual life. They are not legalistic formulas or rules for success.

God’s Word provides great ways to say yes to his open invitation of a deeper relationship with him.

When we’re feeling overwhelmed and tired, Jesus invites us to come to him and rest in Matthew 11:28.

When we are filled with worry and fear, God invites us to say yes to him by praying over all our needs and receiving his peace in Philippians 4:6¬-7.

When faced with detours and delays in life, God invites us to say yes by waiting on him, and he promises fresh strength for our journey in Isaiah 40:31-32.

Accept the truth that God’s love and grace surround you every day, and you will be connected to the heart of God. You will be motivated to invest in your relationship with him. The more you lean into his grace, the more prepared you will be for your calling and the great adventure Jesus has destined for your life. 

God, I say YES to your love for me. I say yes to your freedom and grace. I say yes to your rest, your peace, and your strength. Help me to lean into you more and more every day. Amen.