The Divine Adventure by Rebecca Friedlander

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Day Six

“I’ve Got This”

Scripture: Psalm 37:7; Psalm 46; Isaiah 30:15

When we choose to rest, sometimes there’s a mental wrestling match between what God says about rest and some of the lies that attempt to bind us to that slave mentality. Every now and then, I still have to challenge them with the truth, pointing my soul back to what I know God says about rest. 

Lie: I have to constantly work to make things happen.

Truth: I will work hard but choose times of rest, trusting that God will provide.

Lie: Work defines my value: if I can get things done for myself or my family, I’ll earn my worth or value.

Truth: In reality, Jesus fought for our value when he went to the cross. Our good intentions can’t define our worth, because he did it fully.

Lie: Rest is boring and unproductive.

Truth: Rest is a means to be intimate with the Lord and celebrate his goodness. It’s important for my health and our relationship. 

God values hard work, but if we don’t rest, our thoughts tend toward slavery rather than the value and freedom of being his children. When we practice rest as a spiritual discipline, our faith grows as we cultivate intimacy with Christ and actively trust him in big and small ways. 

The spiritual practice of rest doesn’t always happen on a beautiful beach or mountaintop. God meets us with rest in the ordinary days, when it’s least expected and most needed. When there are too many dirty dishes. Or when pressures in work and relationships seem out of control. 

Then the Father speaks: Just rest. I’ve got this. I’ve got you. I’ll do the work. 

Part of intentionally resting in Christ means to quiet the chatter in our minds. When our thoughts run wild, we can rest by taking a deep breath and choosing to be still. 

Even while moving we can rest. Our spiritual lives become a dance in which we shift our focus from trying to get all the steps right to leaning on the shoulder of Christ. 

I encourage you to give yourself permission to rest! Sometimes we need to look ourselves in the mirror, lock eyes with our reflection, and tell ourselves, You have the right to rest, and I am giving it to you. 

Lord, thank you for the gift of rest. Help me to embrace it today, whether I am moving or still. Amen.