Explore Israel: A Biblical Tour of the Holy Land

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Day 4: Galilee

Following his proclamation in his hometown of Nazareth that almost ended his life, Jesus chose to leave. He moved to this region of the Sea of Galilee and spent most of his adult ministry here. Jesus intentionally chose Galilee as his ministry base. In the first century, the land of Israel was the bridge between Egypt and Mesopotamia. The trade route called the Via Maris was used by travelers from North Africa on their way to Syria and beyond. As a result, Jesus' message of the Kingdom of God was heard by people passing through Galilee. 

This region holds so many significant sites: 

  • Capernaum: the home of several disciples and the base for Jesus’ ministry.       

  • Magdala: likely the home of Mary Magdalene.       

  • The Mount of Beatitudes: the site of Jesus’ most famous teaching of the Sermon on the Mount. 

Around the Sea of Galilee, Jesus healed the sick, calmed the storm, and preached repentance and a new kingdom. 

Following his resurrection, Jesus returned to the Sea of Galilee and found his disciples. From here, he would send them to the ends of the earth to make more disciples. Maybe the mountain he chose for this final message overlooked the Via Maris—the trade route that connected the east and west—and from here, he commissioned them to make disciples of all nations. 

The choice to minister in this region reminds us that Jesus is the great light—to Israel and to the nations. He is the salvation for those under the shadow of death.

As we listen to his final command to us on earth, we must ask ourselves, “How am I fulfilling the call of Jesus to make disciples of all nations and spread his light?”