Explore Israel: A Biblical Tour of the Holy Land


Day 3: Mt. Precipice

Mount Precipice offers one of the most stunning views in Israel. From here you can see many landmarks mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. If we think back to the Old Testament, we might imagine standing on this same cliff and watching mighty armies clash in the Jezreel Valley below. There, Joshua and his men drove out the mighty Canaanites and claimed the valley. 

To the east, we see Mount Tabor. Here, Deborah, an Israelite judge, met with Barak, the Israelite military commander. After their meeting on the mountain, they descended to fight the armies of Sisera and the Lord routed Israel’s enemies, giving his people the victory.

To the west on Mount Carmel, the prophet Elijah challenged the prophets of Ba’al and King Ahab. Elijah’s prayer and sacrifice brought down fire upon the altar and proved the prophets of Ba’al worshipped a false god.

Hundreds of years later, God the Father sent his Son Jesus to many of the same places. 

In the village of Nazareth, Jesus read the prophetic words of Isaiah, claiming in the local synagogue to be the Messiah (Luke 4:18-19). After this declaration, the people were filled with rage and tried to kill Jesus by driving him to the very edge of the cliff. But instead of being pushed off as the crowd intended, he miraculously walked away unscathed.  

After Jesus departed from Nazareth, he began his ministry of teaching and healing in the communities surrounding the Sea of Galilee. 

This hilltop is a good place to reflect on the sovereignty of God. His plans could not be thwarted no matter how many enemies battled against his people in this valley. We invite you to sit and thank God for his sovereign protection in your own life.