Building an Intentional Life: Start Now

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A life purpose contains three key components: passion, mission and vision.

Your passion is the foundation of your life. It relates to what you have set your heart upon; that which possesses, energies, and unleashes you. It’s your strategic heartbeat. It is your underlying purpose.

To continue the building metaphor, your mission is the ground floor of your life. It relates to what you must do repeatedly, responsibly, regularly in life. It’s your strategic mindset in the business of daily life. It conveys your ulterior purpose.

Your vision is the superstructure of your life. It relates to what impact, difference, and change you are going to make in the world. It’s your strategic lifestyle. It distinguishes your unique purpose within your supreme purpose.

These distinctions function in a certain order. For example, if you make your mission your foundation, you’ll end up shallow and shaky. You need all three components, in the right order, to provide the compelling purpose of your life.

Ask yourself:

- Who do I look to for love, trust and sufficiency? (Passion)

- What are my daily responsibilities? (Mission)

- How can I personally serve this hurting world? (Vision)

A purposeful, meaningful, intentional life beckons the entanglement of your heart, the recruitment of your soul, and the harnessing of your mind in worthy passion after a most excellent Object—Christ alone.

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