Building an Intentional Life: Start Now

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We all need a life purpose. But if we are passionate about an erroneous purpose, it turns into an unhelpful obsession.

Whatever preoccupies you reveals your obsession. Uncontrolled obsessions lead to burnout, anger, depression, conflicts with loved ones, ethical compromises, relationship risks, and eventual despair.

There is only one appropriate obsession. Loving God and living for Him in life’s various dimensions could never turn into an inappropriate obsession. You will never go wrong wanting Him above anyone or anything else.

Do a quick inventory of your life. Are you loving and pursuing Him? Are you seeking to bring Him glory in all that you do? What weighs on you as your present obsession? What have you set your heart upon?

One helpful diagnostic tool is to examine your prayer life (or lack of prayer life). Prayerlessness is a mark of slavery to worldly obsessions. If you take all of your problems from all of your dimensions to God, then God is still God over all the dimensions of your life.

Failure to first consult God in prayer reveals instead a commitment to yourself as the solution to life. Faith in yourself is not denying yourself (Matthew 16:24). The Self interferes as you seek to love, glorify, and serve God as the only worthy candidate for total life purpose.