Why Follow Jesus?

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Keep Following Jesus Into Something Deeper

As you finish up this Bible Plan, take a moment to ask yourself a question. It’s a tough question. And the answer will reveal a lot about you. Answer it honestly. You ready for it? Here goes. 

What do you want the most out of life? 

To be popular? Accepted? To be viewed as someone others admire? To be rich? 

Watch this video from a friend of The Loop Show named Elshaday. She wanted to be right. She wanted to win arguments with her little brother. Following Jesus gave her something better! 

In the end, will being popular matter? Doesn’t what’s popular change every five minutes anyway? Will your money mean so much to you when you’re at the end of your life? 

Or will how much you loved God, others, and even yourself mean more to you than anything else? You bet! Jesus is leading you to love more truly and more deeply with the love that He gives. He’s leading you out of the shallow end of life and into the depths of His love. He’s leading you to the fullest life—the life you just can’t have without Him. 

Ask yourself: How can I follow Jesus more deeply and show more of God’s love to myself and to others this week? 

Challenge yourself: You asked yourself a pretty big question in the “Ask yourself” question above. You probably know what you need to do with this challenge. That’s right! You need to do what you thought of! This week! (Today, if possible.) 

Pray: God, thank You for Jesus, the greatest gift ever given to this world. I want to follow Jesus into the fullness of life. I don’t want to live a shallow life. I want my life to be rich and full, spent following You. Help me to stay close to You every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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