Why Follow Jesus?

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Follow Jesus Into Adventure

So, if you’re a follower of Jesus, what’s that going to be like? Will you have choir music fill the air every time you enter a room? Will you start to glow? Will a halo appear over your head every time you’re tempted to do something you know Jesus wouldn’t do? 

In a word: no. 

Following Jesus is for sure a different life. You’re definitely not called to just go along with whatever everyone else is doing. You’re definitely called to be a light and a source of God’s love to everyone around you. 

But did you know the life of following Jesus also includes adventure? It sure does! 

Watch this video from Christina, a friend of The Loop Show, for more on the adventurous life of following Jesus. 

See? Following Jesus doesn’t mean a life of ease. But it does mean you have someone guiding you through life. It’s a life of adventure. You have someone who tells you when it’s time to get in the boat and paddle, just like Christina said! 

Don’t try to live an adventurous life without Jesus. Follow Him, and He will lead you through the most rewarding adventures while fighting injustices and spreading His love everywhere you go. 

Ask yourself: What is the most difficult obstacle or situation I’m facing right now or that I’ve faced in the past? 

Challenge yourself: Think of at least three ways Jesus can help lead you (or did help lead you, or could have helped lead you) through what you answered in the “Ask yourself” question above. Then, pray the prayer below.

Pray: God, thank You for Jesus. Thank You that I have a leader who will bring me through difficult times. And thank You that I can follow You through all the adventures of life—both the joyful ones and the difficult ones. Thank You for the way I can see You want to lead me. Help me to follow You. In Jesus’ name, amen.