Why Follow Jesus?

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Jesus Every Day

Well, you’ve learned a bit about who Jesus is. You’ve learned that He will lead you through the adventures of life—and even on some adventures you didn’t know were out there! But, is every day an adventure? What does a life of following Jesus look like? 

Watch this video with two great friends of The Loop Show, Jerry and Dedra. They’ve both been following Jesus for years. They’re sitting down with some followers of Jesus who are probably closer to your age. And they’re talking about what it’s like to follow Jesus every day. 

Following Jesus can be as simple as waking up each day asking, “Okay, Jesus. What do You want me to do today? And what do You want to do in me today?” 

Jesus described His followers as being like sheep who know their shepherd. Sheep are led. They eat the grass from the pasture that the shepherd leads them to each day. They stay safe from wolves by sticking together under the shepherd’s care. They know the voice of their shepherd, so they aren’t confused by who they should follow. 

Following Jesus is about spending your life getting to know His voice more and more each day, and then doing what He leads you to do. How can you get to know His voice? Well, this Bible Plan is a great start. The Bible is full of Jesus’ words and teaching. Learning from others who have been following Jesus for a while is another great way. Prayer is yet another great way to hear from Jesus and begin to follow Him. 

Ask yourself: What can I do every day to help me follow Jesus better? 

Challenge yourself: Take your answer from the “Ask yourself” question above, and do it. Right now! Was it to pray, journal, read your Bible, talk to someone who’s been following Jesus longer than you? No matter your answer, just find a way to make sure you do it today! 

Pray: God, thank You for making it simple to follow Jesus and learn about Him more each day. It’s not always easy, but it sure is simple. What do You want me to do today? And what do You want to do in my life today? Help me to follow wherever You lead me today. In Jesus’ name, amen.