Why Follow Jesus?

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The Life of Jesus, Part 2

Yesterday, you watched James tell some of the main timeline points of the life of Jesus when He was on earth. It finished right where some people (especially religious leaders who had some political power) were starting to get angry with the influence Jesus had. 

Let’s pick up right where we left off. And, spoiler alert: Today’s timeline includes some really sad stuff, but also includes the best stuff that’s ever happened for mankind! 

What do you think would’ve happened if Jesus had died but then had never come back to life? 

Probably nothing. His memory would’ve died with Him. He would’ve been proven as a liar or as someone who was insane. 

But that’s not how the story ended. When Jesus came back to life, it proved He really was the Lord He claimed to be! And that’s why, for thousands of years now, people have been coming to know Jesus as the risen Son of God who died for the sins of anyone who would believe in Him. 

The story of Jesus is the story of real love. And it belongs to us all! 

Ask yourself: If I could see Jesus in front if me in real life right now, what would I say to Him about how I feel about His coming to earth, dying, and coming back to life for me? 

Challenge yourself: Grab a paper and pencil. Write down some of the things you answered in the “Ask yourself” question above. You could even write them as if you’re writing a letter directly to Jesus.

Pray: God, thank You for sending Jesus—and that He accomplished what needed to be accomplished to take away the punishment for my sins and make me right with You. Help me to understand more and more how very deeply I am loved. In Jesus’ name, amen.