Our Identity in Christ


Do Not Abandon Your Position

Genesis 26 talks about the famine that occurred during the time of Isaac, just like the one in Abraham's day. The author reminds us that some events in this story are repeated, periodically, and that we must learn from the past without repeating mistakes.

In Genesis 12:10-20 we read that when a famine occurred, Abraham left his place and went down to Egypt and two things happened because of it. First, he lied or suffered a moral failure. Secondly, Abraham, who was called to be a blessing, brought a curse upon Pharaoh and his household. So God said to Isaac, even though it was a great famine like the days of your father, if you remain and do not leave your place: 

  • I will be with you

  • I will bless you

  • I will give these lands to you and your descendants

  • I will fulfill the covenant I made with your father

My point here is not about famine. This precious story is a lesson for us today, as God warned Isaac, "Do not go down to Egypt" – “Do not abandon your position”, we also should do the same!

Our position is not a matter of physical place, country, or land, but as Paul stated in Ephesians 1: 3 and Philippians 3:20 our citizenship or position is in heaven. As God instructed Isaac not to go down, we also should not leave the position of God’s presence and dwell in fear, anxiety, doubt, and unbelief because of our current situation. But when we stand firm in our position, because the God of Isaac is with us, He will heal our land through us. 

Life Application

As history repeats itself, we must learn from the mistakes of past events. As Isaac learned from Abraham, we should also learn to focus on Him and not to be moved from our heavenly place where we are seated by the right hand of the Father through Christ Jesus, by doing so we will have peace and be a blessing to others.


O God, give us wisdom in this challenging time, help us that we may not be moved from our position, and help us not lose heart by the disease that has come upon our world but realize that we are children of hope.