The Importance of Discovering Your Assignment

Day 4 of 4 • This day’s reading


We are now on the fourth day of this Bible plan. Hopefully, you have some more clarity on the giftings God has uniquely built into your DNA and understand how your life training has developed certain qualities and skills in you. Additionally, the story of Joseph evidences how the Lord will speak a specific word or instructions to you. It is important to note this word, whether a prophecy, vision, or dream, must resonate in your spirit. It is a good idea to seek third party confirmation and counsel when outworking your assignment. 

If you are still facing doubts or uncertainty over what your Kingdom assignment is, there are a few more questions to consider which will assist in identifying God’s will for your life:

Firstly, think about what frustrates you. Is this something God is stirring within you because there is something you can do to fix this? Is your intimacy with the Lord strong? Regular communication with the Lord is essential in understanding the finer details relating to your assignment. 

When you begin to get a more comprehensive idea on your assignment, take some time to search what the Word of God (the Bible) says about this. For example, is there a Bible character that resonates with you? Are there particular scriptures that provide further clarity or confirmation? Remember, you want to stick inside God’s will for your life, and the Bible is the ultimate source of insight.

Is your assignment mission impossible? If you are feeling intimidated, downright scared and recognize your assignment will attract great adversity, do not be discouraged and remember God instructs us to be brave. The truth is, you are very safe when you are doing your assignment because when you engage in this, you are serving God and He will apply His favour because He wants it completed. 

We are all individually placed on this earth to do something of significance. I hope this Bible plan has been helpful in teaching you how to discover your personal assignment. Just like in Joseph’s story, when you trust and obey your assignment, the Lord will propel you to have incredible influence and affluence on those all around you. 

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