The Importance of Discovering Your Assignment

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There are two keys to identifying your assignment. 

Firstly, when God designed you, He put innate gifts, talents, and skills into your DNA. This is not referring to Spiritual gifts, another valuable area for you to explore, but rather, your physical and personality based giftings. 

Every person has something they excel at naturally. Perhaps you are a good listener, give wise counsel to friends, are a gifted artist/musician, or a great entrepreneur. Reflect and take an honest look at what you are good at, what you have been affirmed in by others, and what things you are passionate about. 

The Lord is not going to give you an assignment without equipping you for it, so a thorough understanding around your passions and abilities is a great key to identifying your Kingdom assignment.

Secondly, reflecting on your life experiences is another useful area to help discover your assignment. Your life has been your training ground, preparing you until God declares you are ready for the job. This does not mean your experiences will directly correlate with what you are called to accomplish; however, the principles and skills learnt from these experiences will play a key in preparing you to outwork your assignment. 

For example, my life training has consisted of over sixty years of aggressive adversity, starting as a child growing up in boarding school, to my involvement in the special forces such as the SAS and Selous Scouts, then my time as a mercenary. These various experiences equipped me to face the adversity I now face when taking on the immense corruption, greed, and self-centeredness that has dominated the marketplace.

My assignment always seems like mission impossible, but because I am working the Lord’s will, I receive the protection and favour of God. Additionally, I know that the devil will never stop me from completing this. 

Your giftings and training will be completely unique; therefore, it must be you that carries out your assignment. Do not compare yourself to others or hide in someone else’s shadow. Instead, take a moment to ponder what your giftings and life training includes.