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The Importance of Discovering Your Assignment Sample

The Importance of Discovering Your Assignment

DAY 1 OF 4

Since the formation of an international marketplace ministry, Kingdom Investors in 2007, I have had hundreds of interactions with Christian businesspeople who seem to be failing, stalling, or not multiplying in their businesses. I came to the realization that there is an overriding problem whereby people do not understand how to engage in their God-given assignment. As a result, businesses are distressed, and Christians are not experiencing the Lord’s favour. 

It should be every person’s desire to find out what God specifically put them on earth to do and after this realization, get on with doing it.

It is important to stress that an assignment is specific, unique, and applies to every person. Your assignment is simply what God wants you to do. Age is not a limiting factor, for everyone has a job to do for the Kingdom! 

For example, there are multitudes of stories where biblical identities receive instructions from God relating to their assignment. For Noah, there was a flood coming, so he was instructed to build an ark. For Joseph, there was a famine coming, so he was instructed to get God’s people into Egypt. For Moses, there was an emancipation coming, so he was instructed to get to the Promised Land. For Esther, there was a genocide coming, so she was instructed to make a supplication to the King. 

I have always observed that God will apply His favour on a person’s life after they wholeheartedly commit to their assignment. This is because favour goes with the assignment, not the individual. If your assignment is to work in the marketplace, seeking to do this by God’s will and way gives you opportunity to propel your business to supernatural growth and opportunities. You will no longer be tempted by enticing deals sent by the enemy as a ruse to distract you, because you will be able to identify that this contradicts your Kingdom assignment. 

I hope that by the end of this Bible plan, you will have a deeper revelation around what the Lord has instructed you to do and then commit wholeheartedly to outworking this. 

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About this Plan

The Importance of Discovering Your Assignment

You were born because something had to be done that required your existence. In this four-day plan, you will learn how to discover and activate your unique assignment from God. If you live by following God’s will and way...


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