The Importance of Discovering Your Assignment

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Joseph is a great biblical example of a man who accepted and sought to complete his God-given assignment. You can read his whole story in Genesis Chapters 37, 39-45. One of Joseph’s greatest gifts was his ability to interpret dreams. Throughout his life, Joseph received small glimpses of his Kingdom assignment through dreams, the first of these shown to him when he was just a shepherd boy. 

In this dream (described in Genesis 37), Joseph saw an image of his mother, father, and brothers bowing down in front of him. When he informed his brothers about this dream, their hatred for him only grew colder. 

Following this dream, Joseph’s life was not easy. He faced extreme adversity. For example, he was sold into slavery, falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, and was wrongly imprisoned. However, all of this was part of his life training because he learnt to manage the household and finances of a wealthy leader and then manage the Pharaoh’s prison. Eventually, he was promoted to significant power and prominence by becoming the most influential businessman in the world. 

I believe there were three main reasons why Joseph achieved his Kingdom assignment and was blessed by the Lord. 

Firstly, he understood and accepted his assignment because he knew how to interpret dreams. This was a special gifting by the Lord and was how the Lord communicated this crucial Kingdom assignment to Joseph.Joseph had a dream that there was a huge famine coming and he was the solution. He chose to listen to the Lord’s instructions and as a result, all the nations including Egypt, came under his authority. This is an important concept in terms of discovering your own assignment. 

Has the Lord ever given you a specific instruction? This could be spoken through many avenues including a prophetic word, a vision, a dream, or simply reading a logos word or theme in the Bible.

Secondly, Joseph knew how to prepare and prosper the nation of Egypt throughout a worldwide famine. This was because he had the gift of management and a significant measure of moral rectitude that was required for the task. His life experiences were all preparing him to one day rule the nation’s economy. As discussed in this Bible plan yesterday, your giftings and life experiences are valuable in terms of discovering and then supporting your assignment. 

Thirdly, Joseph achieved his assignment because he knew he could not fail, as everyone was relying on him to come through. There was a massive economic downturn headed their way and God told him about it in the dreams. We each have specific and unique tasks to fulfil and many others will be relying on you and me to fulfil this. However, we must not give up.

It is important to remember, we do not all have to take over the economy of Egypt. Joseph’s assignment will look different to yours. Therefore, do not be intimidated by big numbers and great biblical assignments. Simply work within the assignment that God has given to you.