A Desire for His Fame: A 5-Day Celebration of Jesus

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A Gracious Answer

In response to our critics, many Christians think we should argue aggressively to communicate our perspective. Yet when Paul said our speech ought to be “seasoned with salt,” he pointed to a different path. Gracious speech isn’t argumentative; it means giving an answer that makes sense in the context of that person’s life. Intelligent rationale is important, but grace is the greatest defense of our faith.

The call to know how to “answer everyone” seems daunting; how can you possibly understand the circumstances of everyone you meet? But Paul pointed out that graciousness is a basic element of those answers. As Christians, our actions reflect Christ. So in all things, including our speech, we should reflect God’s love and grace. When deliberating on what to say to defend your faith, remember Jesus, who taught us that grace is more powerful than rhetoric.


Jesus, I want my actions to show others the love You’ve shown me. Give me wisdom so I can answer those who question my faith with grace and love.