A Desire for His Fame: A 5-Day Celebration of Jesus

Day 2 of 5 • This day’s reading


Your Honest Testimony

Being an ambassador of Christ means we not only tell people about what He did for us on the cross, but also what He has done for us personally. We share how He breathes life into us every day and how He has seen us through our struggles. We tell how His strength has helped us in our weaknesses and how His grace has been enough for us. This doesn’t require us to act like we have it all together—because that is not true, and people will see right through it. It’s more important to be honest and let people know that even though life is still hard, and we still make mistakes, Christ still loves us and continually forgives us.

When we are honest about our walk with Christ, we can share how we face suffering and heartache with hope, because we know that the trials we face in this world won’t last forever; we’ll eventually go home to heaven to spend an eternity of peace with Jesus.

Let’s be genuine. Don’t worry about covering anything up. Instead, boldly speak about what God has done for you. Sharing your testimony is the best way you can share Jesus with the world.


God, help me share my testimony openly and without shame so that others can see You through me.