A Desire for His Fame: A 5-Day Celebration of Jesus

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An Astonishing Life

Many of us believe that we need a certain skill set to tell people about Jesus. But in reality, all we need is a desire to see Jesus celebrated in our lives and in the lives of people who don’t know Him yet.

This is what we see in Acts 4 with Peter and John. Full of the Holy Spirit, they spoke about Jesus to anyone who would listen. But there was nothing special about these “unschooled, ordinary men.” They weren’t educated preachers, but they believed passionately that Jesus died and was now alive. Their conviction inspired them to speak boldly the message of hope. They spoke this truth and were thrown in jail, but they didn’t cower. They shared all the more, and something amazing happened: the cultural and religious leaders were astonished because they saw, perhaps for the first time, the confidence that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus.

Peter and John weren’t qualified experts, but they were more devoted than afraid. Because Jesus is alive, let’s live with a courageous confidence that astonishes those around us.


Lord, grant me courage to share Your story with those around me. Remind me that when ordinary people champion You, extraordinary things occur.