A Desire for His Fame: A 5-Day Celebration of Jesus

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading


Be a Light

The first time Paul and Barnabas spoke in Antioch, they spoke in front of the Jews in the synagogue. Their message was so gripping that the next time they spoke, almost the entire city gathered to hear them speak—Jews and Gentiles alike. This pattern played out time and time again as Paul and Barnabas traveled throughout the region. Huge crowds would gather to hear them speak, and the power of the Word of God would convict many to believe.

As He did for Paul and Barnabas, God has commissioned us as His messengers to shine the gospel everywhere we go. The gospel is not meant to lie dormant in our lives, but to be shared so the people around us can experience the grace and hope of Christ. There are people in our classrooms, workplaces, and dorm rooms waiting to be filled with the hope and love of Christ; all they need is someone to share it with them.


Jesus, help me take every chance to tell Your story to the people around me who so desperately need to hear it.