Purposely Purposeful

Purposely Purposeful

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So how much time do you have left?

What if you knew exactly the number of days you had left to live? How would that affect the way you live?

2020 is a year that has amplified the fragility and brevity of life. The year can be akin to the "valley of the shadow of death" that we read about in Psalm 23.

It is a year which points to the fact that just as we did not have a choice about our birth, we cannot dictate or decide on the terms of our death.

This is the divine order, the divine design. And while we are not responsible for our birth, nor do we know about our death, we are entirely responsible for how we live in the time allotted to us. 

The decisions we make attract consequences in the land of the living – but, more significantly, those choices have eternal implications.

Forgive me if I sound morbid, but let me ask a pertinent albeit difficult question - How would you live or, more importantly, how would you rearrange or reprioritize your life if you knew the date of your death?

A right perspective involves the realization and pursuit of the following :

- Understanding the significance of living in the light of eternity. 

- Understanding why we should store up treasures in heaven rather than riches here on earth.

- Valuing the valuables: Family is more important than fortune, health more than wealth, character more than reputation, memories more than money.

- Living to please God rather than attract the applause and attention of people. 

- Understanding that death for the believer is a promotion and not a demotion. 

Once I comprehend that I have limited time on earth, it automatically causes me to get my priorities right. You and I will learn to focus on the majors instead of the minors. We will learn not to sacrifice the important for the urgent, to take care of our bodies, which is the temple of God, and to be available and useful for the kingdom of God.

Life is not measured by the number of days we have on earth, but if we lived with a mindset of eternity, and if each of us has lived out our purpose. 


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