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Purposely Purposeful Sample

Purposely Purposeful

DAY 3 OF 5

What are you living for?

Esther, the Queen of Persia, was living in the comfort of the palace when her cousin told her of the impending genocide of her people (the Jews) at the hands of their enemy Haman. For Esther, it was a choice between her safety and position as the queen or her people's lives. According to the law of the land, approaching her husband, King Xerxes, to plead for the lives of the Jews could have resulted in her death. 

Yet, Esther chose to live for something greater than the “I, me, myself” frame of reference.

So, what are you living for? If you’re honest, perhaps your answers would be something like, I’m living to enjoy myself, to pay bills and make ends meet, to relish the fruits of my labor. 

But in that daily grind, do you find yourself living out your purpose - or simply existing? Here are some reasons why you should live out your calling.

- Living for a cause that is larger than you will impact generations to come and leave a powerful legacy 

- Living for a cause that is larger than you involves living for what is on the heart of God.

Yes, the risks are always present because living for a cause larger than you involves sacrifice, and it could require walking the road not taken. 

Today, I challenge you to live for something larger than yourself. 

Cry out to God and ask Him to reveal that cause, that burden, to you. When He calls you to a purpose, He will empower you for it. 

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Purposely Purposeful

We're often told that we should live a life of purpose, but what does that mean? And, how do we discover that purpose? This Bible Plan seeks to answer those questions using examples of figures from the Bible and pointing...


Rajiv Chelladurai & The Purpose Project

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