Purposely Purposeful

Purposely Purposeful

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What are you pregnant with?

Nehemiah was in deep distress when he heard of the situation in Jerusalem. The walls of the city were demolished, and its gates burned down. When a city’s walls are demolished, it implies disgrace, defeat, and dishonor. 

Nehemiah held a position of power and authority in the King’s palace. His life was more than comfortable. But when he heard about the walls of Jerusalem, the information burdened his heart, and he couldn’t stand by and watch. The news that he heard consumed him from the inside out. 

Nehemiah was pregnant with a burden for Jerusalem. His position, influence, and affluence didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was his burden. The Bible says that he wept, fasted, prayed, and mourned.

The question is, what are you and I pregnant with? Is it fame, fortune, power, influence, or our egos? Or are we pregnant with purpose?

The burden that Nehemiah carried helped him discover his purpose. 

Your purpose is your ‘why’. It is the reason you exist. It is your divine design.

When you identify your ‘why,’ you will also comprehend the ‘what’ and understand the ‘how.’

When you engage with your purpose, you will be satisfied, and you will have the potential to create value. 

You can identify with your purpose by:

- Recognising your distinct and unique personality traits. 

- Engaging with your potential, talent, and ability.

- Operating in the area of your passion. 

- Acting on a burden that consumes you. 

Nehemiah realized that his purpose was to bring back the lost glory of Jerusalem. He had a choice between the comforts of the palace and the ruins of Jerusalem - and Nehemiah chose the latter. 

When you pursue purpose, you will sometimes have to choose between comfort and safety on one side and uncertainty and ambiguity on the other. 

We live in a time where the agenda of the kingdom of God is to build walls that have been demolished and to lift up those who live in disgrace and shame. God is looking for Nehemiah’s and Esther’s from among us. Will you respond today by pursuing your purpose?

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