Communicating at Work with the Fruit of the Spirit



Today, the Prince of Peace, Jesus our Lord and Savior, longs to bless you with his peace. 

Today, the Prince of Peace promises you that when you place your trust completely in him, he will keep you in perfect peace.

Today, the Prince of Peace is offering you a peace that is beyond our understanding. God’s peace is a supernatural peace that will quiet your soul in the midst of the turmoil and uncertainty of what’s happening around you. 

I invite you today to speak words that bring peace to your coworkers and clients. When you choose to bring peace to those you interact with, even when you are not fully at peace yourself, God is working through you.

Is there a tense or difficult situation occurring in your workplace? How could God work a miracle through you to turn this situation into an oasis of peace? 

Is there a colleague or client who is stressed out? How could God work through you to proclaim peace to this person? Allow the Holy Spirit to take the peace you proclaim and work a miracle in this person’s life.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, wash away the troubles of my spirit with your peace. Overwhelm me today with your boundless love. Jesus, work through me today to create an oasis of peace in my workplace. Holy Spirit, you see how stressed some of my coworkers are. Work a miracle in their life so that they come to know you as the Prince of Peace, that they may experience your supernatural peace. Bring complete healing to their body, mind, and spirit. Amen.