Communicating at Work with the Fruit of the Spirit



God in his infinite mercy waits patiently for you. God longs to welcome you back into his arms of love. 

Today I invite you to be patient with your coworkers and customers. I invite you to be patient with others: those who are slower, those who interrupt, those who don't understand, those who are way ahead of you, or those who you don’t understand.

Instead of choosing to grumble or gossip, how might you convey a word of edification, gratitude, or appreciation in every conversation?

Today I invite you to imitate Christ and to patiently embrace each interruption as an opportunity for you share Christ’s love and blessing with another person. 

How could you respond with patience to each email demanding a response yesterday?

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for the patience you have shown me. Thank you that I am always welcome in your presence. Thank you that whenever I come to you, you wrap your arms of love around me, and assure me that I have nothing to fear. Father, you know that my ‘to do list’ will take longer than the hours that I have today, and you are aware of all the interruptions that will happen. Help me to respond to each person today with patience, out of a heart overflowing with your love, particularly towards those that try my patience. Amen.