Communicating at Work with the Fruit of the Spirit



Every good thing we enjoy today, including material success and acts of human kindness, are God’s gift to us! 

Yes! Even the drama of our workplace occurs in the context of God’s loving kindness, which permeates his creation and is seen in the Lord’s redemption.

Go ahead – Shout for joy! Sing God’s praises! Rejoice in the Lord and be glad! God showers his kindness on you and each person who is upright in heart!

Today, God is listening to us with kindness and compassion. Take the time to narrate your predicament to God. When we admit our weakness and powerlessness, we are affirming our confidence in God. 

When we blindly race head-first into a stressful situation, we make mistakes. Our kindness falls to the wayside, and we trample it into the mud. But when we press the pause button, and take the time to remember God’s kindness towards us; when we humbly cast our situation on God’s mercy, seeking God’s grace and power, then we can respond with kindness to the drama of our workplace. 

Today, we can give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his loving kindness is everlasting. 

None of our small acts of kindness this week are too trivial to be noticed by God!

What does it take for us to be at peace with little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness in the unremarkable departments where we work?

Prayer: Gracious Father, thank you for the kindness that you continue to show me. Guard my tongue so that I only write and speak words of kindness. Take the words of kindness that I write in my emails and the words of kindness I speak in meetings or to customers and use them to bring hope to somebody today. Amen.