Postures Of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional


Surrender and humility are uncomfortable, especially for those of us who live in comfort, independence, or self-sufficiency. 

But it’s important to lean into discomfort. Could this be part of what Paul means by working out our faith with fear and trembling?

We’ve collectively experienced this in some shape or form. This year, as we navigated a global pandemic together, our individual experiences may have varied, but we all experienced some form of discomfort as the world changed, and we were forced to examine our lifestyles, finances, priorities, and even our mortality. 

It was and continues to be an uncomfortable experience. But many of us can also say, if we’re honest, that though COVID-19 and its effects are difficult and painful, leaning into discomfort also led us to new lessons learned and a deeper sense of God’s presence. 

Being forced to humble ourselves and ask uncomfortable questions about our priorities and our lives can help us experience the abundant life that Jesus offers us in new and fresh ways.

This Advent season what would happen if we looked beyond the surface of the holidays and dug deep to ask ourselves uncomfortable questions, trusting that God will carry us through?


  • Be ruthlessly honest: in what ways are you the centre of your world? 
  • In what ways might God be asking you to surrender to Him in this season?

Trust that God is perfecting you through the challenges of daily life and thank Him for how His humility is shaping you today.