Don't Let Politics Steal Your Peace

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The Politics of Fear 

Politics can lead to lots of anxiety and fear.

Fear was the first emotion Adam and Eve felt when they were separated from God, the source of everything they needed. Ever since then, the human race has struggled with fear of not getting what we want and need. And we all want the same things.

We want:

1. Security (physical, financial, and emotional)

2. Connection (relationships, compassion, feeling valued and accepted)

3. Freedom (empowerment, options for ourselves and our family)

Political parties build their platforms around those things and make promises to meet those needs. But they can also use fear to persuade you that the "other side" wants to take those things from you.  

As citizens of God’s Kingdom, we need to regularly remind ourselves that no matter what a politician may promise (or threaten), our source for security, connection, and freedom is God’s love. He is the only one who can ultimately fulfill those needs. No matter who wins elections, God is the source for all we need. 

Take some time today to remind yourself that God is the source of your security, connection, and freedom. We don’t have to be afraid, because God’s Spirit of power and love lives inside of us. His Kingdom is where you will find the fulfillment for all you need.