Don't Let Politics Steal Your Peace

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We Serve a King

Our current political climate can lead to all sorts of anxiety, worry, anger, and frustration. Even the calmest among us can find something that irritates or concerns us. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As Christians, we can have total confidence that our God is active in our world today, no matter what the political climate looks like. 

Regardless of how chaotic and messy our world may get, or who wins an election, God is still the Sovereign Ruler over everything we see. Nothing surprises Him. Nothing catches Him off guard. He is always working out His plan. 

This is the foundation for finding peace in the middle of politics: as Christians, we have to remember that no matter the outcome of the election, God will ultimately accomplish His purposes. Even in the middle of difficulty and challenges, God’s people can thrive because they are citizens of a Kingdom that isn’t shaken. 

Read Psalm 47 today and be reminded that God is ruling and reigning. Find peace, knowing that no matter what happens in politics, God is still in ultimate control and He will accomplish His purposes.