Don't Let Politics Steal Your Peace

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United in Spite of Differences 

How can a Christian vote for that person? 

It’s easy to get angry, frustrated, or just downright confused at peoples’ different political allegiances. We all want the same things but we disagree about how to get those things we all want. 

Having different political opinions doesn’t mean we can’t still be united. As E. Stanley Jones once said, "This unity in Christ is not a unity of uniformity, but unity in diversity." We can have different political views but still rally around Christ. Our ability to disagree with brothers and sisters politically, but still stay united around our belief in Christ, sets an example of love to the world around us. 

In John 17, Jesus prayed  that we would be unified in the goal of sharing Christ with the world in spite of differences. When we can love our fellow Christians who believe differently than us, we show the world what unity really looks like. Real unity can happen, even when we disagree politically. This kind of unity shows Christ to the world. 

When you get frustrated or irritated with someone’s political views today, seek unity. Find common ground. Focus on Jesus—the real hope for the world.